Designing a better online ordering system

for a growing restaurant chain


BJ’s engaged the Bravas team to design a completely custom and responsive application for placing online takeout and dine-in orders. The goal was to replace their existing, out-of-the-box software.

After a 4-day immersion into their business, processes and systems, we established that the solution would integrate with several databases and multiple proprietary software packages that they used in their kitchen, hostess, and takeout areas. Once we became grounded in their technical infrastructure, we studied their analytics, audience data and menus.

Next, we collaborated with the BJ’s IT and Marketing teams to design a mobile-first interface that would seamlessly handle the endless menu options offered to their take-out customers.

Our efforts resulted in an intuitive, fully responsive web application and reconfiguration of the menu flow that simplified ordering, and improved their checkout process.


The new application was rolled out to 12 pilot restaurants so we could test, learn and improve the application before rolling it out to all of their locations. The solution made an immediate impact and significantly increased conversion and loyalty program sign-ups.