What do you get when 200 employees from different teams are designing and producing packaging, signage and POS without a streamlined process or brand oversight? You get duplicated work, loss of brand integrity and a lot of wasted money. In fact, when the Gillette team did the math, it was estimated that their solution could save P&G over $30 million dollars in year one alone.

Our team was hired to create the working prototype that would help prove out the team’s assumptions. This web-based, iPad prototype would be piloted and tested internally and eventually used to get funding for the build and global rollout.

First, we developed several user journeys and a series of stakeholder interviews and surveys.

We shadowed several end users so we could connect the dots across the organization.

Our prototype allowed users to access predefined, brand-approved templates. Predefined copy, bar codes, legal blurbs and other assets were loaded so users could drag, drop and save files. We also developed an approval routing system, all predefined by each user’s role in the organization.

The most impressive feature was the “send to printer” function. An approved file would be assigned a code and emailed to the printer. The printer would reconcile the code, tie it back to assets on hand, produce and ship the piece.


It took us only 90 days to successfully design and deliver the working prototype. It was presented to the executive committee and the project was given the green light and funding for development.