Because of the transient nature of the NTC business model, the Bravas team decided to build a responsive web app delivered on iPads. However, we knew that success did not lie only in the device and app itself. First, we spent several days in several locations observing club-goers. We watched which doors they most commonly used and where their eyes were focused upon entering. Were they holding anything in their hands? We also took note of whether these patterns changed at different times of the day. After comparing notes, we concluded that the strategic placement of the iPads would be a critical success factor. And, because most club-goers were carrying multiple items in their hands and on their shoulders, the UI would need to accommodate a one-handed user. Most importantly, the solution could not disrupt the club-goer’s main purpose – check in, work out, get out.

By minimizing the amount of information required to sign-up and sign-in, coupled with the simple, tappable interface, we created a solution that worked. The real gem however, was the open source CMS we designed for Nike. With a multi-level permissions architecture, NTC trainers could search, filter and sort to track how often, when, where and who was attending their classes. It also offered tools to reward their trainee’s good attendance or encourage those who may need a push.

The robust back-end generated reports that could be easily shared and saved, and then exported to Nike’s central CRM database with a tap of a button. The application not only exceeded all the core business objectives, Nike adapted it for Nike Run Club and local Nike events. Boom.


When Nike opened their new Nike Training Clubs, they wanted a way to track visits and participation. They tried various methods without success. But why? They weren’t sure, and that’s when they called on us.

The application not only exceeded all of the core business objectives, Nike adapted it for Nike Run Club and local Nike events. Boom.