A dose of user research and smart UX makes a complex online process, simple


Privately owned SportRx had quickly become the leading seller of sports and performance prescription eyewear in the nation. In addition to offering major brands such as Smith, Oakley, and SpyOptic, they provided unparalleled customer service through their on-staff ophthalmologist team. When they decided it was time to take that experience online, their first attempt failed miserably. One of the core objectives of their new site was to significantly cut down on customer service calls. The calls actually doubled when the site launched. They were stumped. No one knew their business, their product or their customer’s needs better than them, so why wasn’t anyone able to accurately order a product online? The SportRx team engaged the Bravas team to help them figure it out.

For us, having a client partner with so much industry, customer and product knowledge was a dream come true. We spent 4 days on-site with their entire team learning their business and pain points. We put heat maps on their current site to identify patterns and identify issues and gaps. Within 3 days, we identified the core UX issue. Most users were bailing at the “Enter Your Prescription” step in the purchase path. And, if they were lucky enough to get through it, they bailed at the next step.

Through solid UX and UI best practices and multivariate user testing to validate our proposed solutions, we reimagined their entire online experience.


decrease in customer service calls


decrease in time to complete an order


increase in sales volume in 2 months


We also created a product recommendation tool that helped customers make decisions about choosing the best eyewear for their specific needs. The tool was not focused on vanity or popular selling brands, but tailored uniquely to their sport, activity level, age and vision needs – no matter how extreme their prescription.